Uw Stout Articulation Agreement

You may be able to transfer some professional and technical credits in addition to the 30 general education credits available. The number of transfer credits varies according to each agreement. Emily Whitcomb Transfer Coordinator 212F Sorensen Hall Call 715-232-1776 whitcombe@uwstout.edu Linda Young Associate Director – Transfer and Articulation 212C Sorensen Hall Call or Text 715-23 2-1787 youngl@uwstout.edu Mollie Ficek Transfer Admissions Counselor 212F Sorensen Hall Call or Text 715-232-5467 ficekm@uwstout.edu Talk to your advisor to make sure you choose the agreement, which is most useful for your transfer plans. For more information, please contact your UW transfer agent. If you are a student enrolled in an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program, these agreements can help you transition to a program similar to UW-Stout. The advantage of an articulation agreement is that you may be able to transfer more credits here than a typical transfer student. For more information on transfer guides and joints, see below. If you know your main subject, you can consult an articulation agreement to see what courses, surrogacy and other requirements must be met before the transfer. An articulation agreement is a signed document that guarantees the transfer of programs of study or certificates at a Wisconsin Technical College to a particular academic major. All classes described in the articulation agreement must be completed. A partial transfer cannot be granted. .

From the WTCS Transfer Links menu, select a specialized university… A.A.S. Graphic Communication Technologies at B.S. Graphic Communications (formerly Cross Media Graphics Communication) by UW-Stout | PDF.. The Guaranteed Admission Program is intended for CVTC students who wish to acquire a Liberal Arts Transfer Degree (including AA or AS) or pass the transferable UCTA curriculum of the general culture of CVTC and a baccalaureate of UW-Stout. . A transfer student is anyone who attended a university or other university after the bachelor`s degree and wishes to enroll in UW-Stout. ==Early childhood education for B.S. of UW-Stout | Early Childhood Education PDF. . It`s no surprise that a university isn`t the ideal choice for all students.

As a result, thousands of students change every year. Maybe you`re considering another area, or maybe your current school just didn`t meet the expectations you had.. . . A.A.S. Marketing – General Marketing at UW-Stout`s B.S. . . .