Agreement Ka Hindi Arth

Rajinama (name): Please sign the agreement. Approval (name): The Indo Pak talks could not reach an agreement. Correspondence (nominative) = determination of grammatical inflection based on anavita verbal relations (similarity in number, sex or word in grammar) (noun): In the sentence « She goes every day », there is no correspondence between the subject and the verb. Agreement (nominal) = Harmony of opinions or actions or signs of man Agreement: Agreement – Subname taken [Hindi explains] settlement of one another, in which both parties must make sacrifices or sacrifices. Resignation. That`s how you do an action. – To do. – To be. Siedlung: Siedlung – Substantiv Pulling [Persian] 1. Management. Intijam. (2) The act of measuring the area under cultivation and fixing the State tax.

Composite word – subdivision istmarari = evaluation of soils where there is no lack, no dispersion. Malgujari should be appointed in such a way that it does not increase. 3. A department or department responsible for measuring fields, etc., and setting their taxes. 4. To repair a plant and give a field to sow to someone. Agreement: A system of invoicing or disposition that occurs on two or more pages to perform work, especially in writing and by law: System – Female Name [Sanskrit] 1. A law of action determined or determined by writings, etc. Expressions – Arrangements give = explain the opinions or commandments of Scripture in this and such a subject.

Explain the law of Scripture in a matter. 2. . . .