Tenancy Agreement Hanging Pictures

I`ve experienced these comments halfway and I`ve had enough. All I can say is that you are not my landlord. I suddenly gained a new appreciation for my landlord, although he put shelves for me (at my expense) drilling holes in the walls – and the shelves crashed at night because he hadn`t used the right raw connectors – the ones that were spying for this type of wall, and he didn`t put in any holes in the pliers – but he made the shelves, which fell, responsible. For God`s sake, it is a library for books. He redid them, and they`re full of books, and with the right connectors, they`re stable. But I never had an apology. Luckily for me, my computer was just out of reach of the falling books. A wall was damp and created mold during the two years I lived here. I know the previous tenants had to throw their furniture out of this room when they left because it was green with mold. I am waiting for the owner to repair the wall after finally having a contractor see it.

I was told a week, but I didn`t hear a word about doing this job in three weeks. But I`d rather have my landlord than you, at least he`s not trying to stop me from having a life and having a home. How can one live without putting shelves and images? I rented a lot of places and I always repaired the damage and I always left the real estate in a better condition than they were when I moved there. I think they cry about your tenants holes that they had said they were going to fix is sad. Thank you for helping me appreciate my owner. At the end of the day, if the agreement says you don`t do it and you decide to do it anyway, be prepared to suffer the consequences. Prohibiting the use of nails would prevent all this trauma. If you insert a clause in your lease, you should clarify this issue. But is that really fair? @Kevin McDonald`s Maybe you`d do well to think about why your attitude towards your customers (tenants) is so hostile (for example.

B to call their, everyone works on their objects hanging on the walls)? I would see his photos hanging as a good sign… as a sign that they see it as their `homeland`… and are committed to the long term.