Aircraft Management Services Agreement

(a) Kraft pays the trustee a monthly administration fee in order to reimburse the trustee a party advising an annual fixed fee related to the performance of the administrator`s obligations and obligations under this contract. The first estimate of fixed costs and monthly administration fees are exposed to Schedule C. Fixed expenses described in Figure C include, among other things, overhead, ancillary benefits and other salary costs for aircrew, maintenance and other administrative officers. All fixed expenses related to revenue (costs shown in Figure C) include a 5% increase. CONSIDERANT that Kraft Kraft provides flight management, flight, maintenance and other aviation services (the « services ») so that Kraft can conduct operations in accordance with Federal Aviation Rules (FAR) Part 91, under operational control, in accordance with the terms of this agreement, in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs); and Manager is committed to providing flight attendant services to Kraft. The manager is committed to recruiting and making available a sufficient number of fully qualified flight attendants to perform the services in 7.1 modifications. The administrator does not have the right to modify, modify or improve the aircraft, except for those necessary to obtain and maintain FAA certification, to wait for the aircraft in accordance with applicable conditions or to ensure that the aircraft complies with the manager`s criteria and guidelines for aircraft operated and operated by the manager, including the aircraft modifications required to ensure that the aircraft is substantially similar to the same brand and scale as that flown by the aircraft control system. All changes, modifications, additions and improvements are transferred to Kraft`s property and are subject to the provisions of this Agreement. b) Kraft bears all variable costs associated with the use of the aircraft and the operation of the aircraft under this agreement. The first estimate of variable expenses is presented in Schedule D. Kraft supports all maintenance and repair work at the time the administrator provides such services to the aircraft. Kraft must also pay for any modification, modification, supplement or improvement made pursuant to Section 7 of that date, when the administrator provides such services to the aircraft. Under the current circumstances, the manager will do everything in his power to inform Kraft in advance of the maintenance costs of more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

This communication may be made orally, notwithstanding the provisions of section 11.3 below. In general, monthly management fees are expected to be virtually the same across the region. The differences in cost are the result of flight crew salaries, training, benefits, fuel, maintenance, sharing, insurance (hull and liability), hangar costs and assistance/restoration services. All of these items should be broken down into the annual budget. Many management companies are able to pass on fuel rebates to their customers at home and other sites, so ask yourself about fuel rebates. An owner must confirm that there are no « hidden » fees to avoid being shocked after receiving an invoice.