X-Particles Maintenance Agreement

The INSYDIUM maintenance contract allows maintenance of X-Particles licenses beginning with « XPL » and reconciles the expiration date of 4D Maintenance Cycles, unless it is more than 6 months before the expiry date of your X-Particles maintenance. For example, If you purchase your license on February 1, 2018, your initial 12-month interview will expire on February 1, 2019, as you will receive assistance and updates until April 30, 2019. With up-to-date maintenance, you get full support, the ability to use our Early Access program. You can also access all previous versions of X-Particles back at 3.0. The INSYDIUM Maintenance Bundle offers 12 months of maintenance for X-Particles 4 and allows you to reconcile your 4D Cycles Maintenance, regardless of when you acquired your Cycles 4D license. If your X-Particles maintenance is still valid, the purchase of the package will provide you with additional coverage 12 months after your current plan expires. Make the maintenance package even more economical. You can buy an additional 12 months of maintenance at any point until January 31, 2020; the new expiry date is February 1, 2020, regardless of the time of the extension. When your license starts with « XPL, » you can purchase a maintenance contract that automatically provides additional maintenance updates and benefits. For more information, please visit our product maintenance site. . INSYDIUM customers who own R23.008 and below do not have Silicon support. Previous versions of Cinema 4D will run under Rosetta, and X-Particles and 4D Cycles will work.

However, the use of xpExplosiaFX causes crashes. Apple doesn`t support AVX, so you need to delete the xpexplosiafx.dylib file, as with any older Mac that doesn`t have an AVX processor. 2020 January – X-Particles Service Update (Build 742) March – Cycles 4D Update (Build 500) April – X-Particles Beta Access – 4D Hotfix Update (Build 506) July – X-P Update (Build 884) September – X-Particles Update for R23 (Build 895) and Cycles 4D Update for R23 (Build 509) P Farticle FX Premium Training is suitable for customers with basic particle knowledge. Intermediate-level users and advanced X-ray particles will also benefit from detailed detail throughout the series. Yes, we offer discounts on some of our products for full-time students and teachers in non-profit educational institutions with a check-training code. If you still have problems and you have an Internet connection, but x-Particles will not use it, please contact our customer service. Please note that we can only offer suggestions and limited help to find the cause, as each network and security configuration is different. We offer a 90% discount on permanent X-Particles licenses by placing the STUDENT promo code in the basket. This is a learning edition of X-Particles and can only be used with the free 4D Cinema education license, as it is stored in its own file format. INSYDIUM licenses allow 14 days offline (2 days for subscriptions), so there should be no problem if your internet breaks down or in the unlikely event that our server breaks down.

In addition, there are two backup license servers. If your license is not able to connect to our main license server, it will try both backup servers. Insert your license into the License field, including dashes, then click the Add a License button. The license you entered must be registered with the same email address as your customer account.