Skills Assure Supplier Agreement

By selecting a subsidized course through a Provider skills provider, you can acquire skills that are valued by the industry and help you get a job once you graduate. The Higher Skills program offers a government grant to help those eligible to access attenuated training in certification certificates or through priority qualifications and qualification rates. JB Hunter is authorized to provide the following as part of higher qualification funding. RTOs are only admitted as SAS if the department believes there is a need for additional SSS on the market. As part of this evaluation, the department will examine whether there is a gap in the training market (i.e. whether existing providers are sufficient to meet the demand for training). To discuss this excellent opportunity (and to receive an offer on all student participation fees depending on your circumstances), please contact our training team on 07 3812 2920 or email If you want to become or are already a provider of user skills, read the « User Selection » section on this site. The 3-Guarantee certificate helps those eligible to complete their first degree after School III. These funds are available to help people improve their skills, enter the world of work, return to work or advance their careers.

Contract managementInformation on the management of your supplier contract with the Department. Compliance Audits Information for suppliers on managing compliance with departmental financing programs such as User Choice and Certificate 3 Guarantee and compliance audit information. MINRES Training Institute is proud to be a provider of Skills Assure! The new Skills Assure Identified facilitates the recognition of providers who offer Queensland government-subsidized training. By selecting a subsidized course through a Assure skills provider, you can acquire skills that the industry appreciates. The department will also provide professional development opportunities to help suppliers implement quality vocational training. SASs are encouraged to participate in available meetings to assist staff and gain a better understanding of program policies and agreements. Skills Supplier Supplier Framework Learn more about the SAS system and how it works. Become Skills Assure Supplier Information for RTOs, how to become an SAS for the provision of training and evaluation services that are subsidized by the department. A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) must be a Certification Provider (SAS) to undergo training for one of the Queensland government-funded vocational training programs, as described in the Ministry of Employment, Small Business and Training`s investment budget. The Certificate 3 Guarantee Program is funded by the Queensland government and helps those eligible to complete their first post-school qualifications and improve their skills to enter the world of work, return to work or pursue their careers.